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The DiNapoli Record

From the moment he took office in February 2007, State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli has been committed to protecting taxpayer dollars by fighting corruption and waste, restoring integrity to the Office of State Comptroller and safeguarding retirees' pensions.

As the people's fiscal watchdog, Comptroller Tom DiNapoli has worked to protect taxpayer dollars and to hold accountable those who steal from the public.

Under Tom DiNapoli's leadership, the Office of State Comptroller has worked for taxpayers by following the money at all levels of government from local fire districts to state agencies., As the state's auditor, Tom has identified billions in waste, misuse and cost savings through audits of local governments, state agencies, public authorities and state contracts. When he found problems, Tom pushed for change and held government accountable to ensure New Yorkers get the most for their money.

The DiNapoli Record on Fighting Public Corruption

• Created the Joint Task Force on Public Integrity with Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, a partnership resulting in the recovery of millions of dollars and arrests of dozens of state and local officials and contractors who stole or misused public funds

• Expanded the Investigations Division and enhanced coordination with prosecutors including US Attorneys, local district attorneys and the Attorney General

• Audit and investigative work exposed corruption, fraud and theft of taxpayer dollars resulting in over 100 arrests and $20 million in recovery over the past two years

• Uncovered widespread abuse of special education funds by private contractors and pushed for new oversight of special education providers

• Championing legislation to toughen penalties for those officials who abuse the public trust by creating new felony level offense and increased penalties

• Advocating for real, comprehensive campaign finance reform, including public financing of elections for all statewide and legislative elections to reduce the influence of money on government

The DiNapoli Record on Exposing Wasteful Spending and Holding Government Accountable

• Conducted a first-ever school accountability initiative to audit every school district and BOCES in New York State

• Identified millions of dollars in improper Medicaid billings

• Reported on opportunities for operational cost savings at the Thruway Authority to avoid toll increases

• Multiple reports and audits on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to improve management and operations on issues including overtime costs and real estate expenses

• Reporting on Industrial Development Agencies (IDA's) and Local Development Corporations (LDC's) to enhance oversight of economic development activities and promote transparency and accountability

• Increased scrutiny of public authorities by examining salaries, borrowing patterns and specific authority operations including the New York State Power Authority

The DiNapoli Record on Reforming and Managing the State Pension Fund and Protecting Retirees

• Transformed an organization mired in scandal; restored the reputation of the Fund by updating policies, recruiting first class investment professionals and implementing best practices on reporting and transparency

• Improved internal controls including establishing an Inspector General Office

• Banned lobbyists and placement agents from investment transactions

• Reforms validated by an independent fiduciary review of fund operations

• Pension fund grown to an historic high of nearly $185 billion, with one of the strongest funded ratios in the nation

• Responsibly investing more state pension fund dollars in New York based companies through an in-state private equity program and small business loans

• Protecting fund investments by engaging portfolio companies to improve operations on environment, social and governance issues

• Advocating for sustainability of defined benefit plan and the need to better address retirement security

The DiNapoli Record on Helping Communities in Fiscal Stress

• Audits and budget reviews to provide independent analysis of municipal and school district finances

• Created cutting-edge Fiscal Stress Monitoring System to measure local government financial condition using objective criteria

• Posting stress condition on the web to provide taxpayers with information on what's happening in their own community

• Providing support to assist local officials to improve fiscal management

The DiNapoli Record on Diversity

• Created a Division of Diversity Planning in the Comptroller's Office to establish an inclusive work environment

• Focused on improving MWBE participation in Comptroller's Office procurement of goods and services and have exceeded goals over the past five years

• Performed audits of effectiveness of MWBE programs at state agencies

• Reported on the contribution of immigrants to the strength of the New York City economy

• Using shareholder influence to press portfolio companies to address lack of diversity on corporate boards and to expand the talent pool to more fully include women and minorities

• Developed a leading program on Emerging Managers to provide opportunities for women and minority asset managers to partner with the New York Common Retirement Fund

On these issues and more, Tom DiNapoli has proven to be an effective, responsible and progressive steward of the Office of State Comptroller. There's more work to do to keep New York moving forward. That's why we need to keep Tom DiNapoli working for us as our State Comptroller.